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Finding a Property
Buying a Property
Renovating a Property

Transaction Service

Property Sourcing
  • We will take a full property requirement brief from the customer

  • We will run continuous live searches to identify properties that match that brief

  • The customer controls the acceptance or rejection of all properties

  • Once a property has been accepted by the customer, we will:

    • Negotiate an offer to purchase the property

    • Attend an initial site visit

    • Carry out a digital survey of the property

    • Prepare a detailed works specification 

Conveyancing & Surveys
  • Once an offer has been accepted, we will:

    • Before incurring costs, undertake a high-level review of titles and leases (if applicable)

    • Manage all agent and vendor enquiries

    • Instruct conveyancers or solicitors

    • Solicitors conduct “red flag” review

    • Instruct building surveys
      (EICR, EPC, CP12, FRA, Asbestos)

    • All surveys, searches and legal reports will be held in property specific data room

Exchange & Completion
  • Once all property due diligence is complete, a Report on Title (ROT) will be prepared

  • We will prepare a full due diligence summary addressing key issues and mitigations

  • The ROT will be available for the customer to sign off ahead of exchange

  • A financial completion statement will be available for the customer to approve

  • Solicitors will request funds to be transferred from the customer to complete the purchase

Admin and Finance
  • Real-time project delivery monitoring

  • Real time budget monitoring

  • Streamlined administration of all invoicing and funding drawdown

Project Management Service

 Set-up & Agreeing Standards & Processes
  • Agree minimum specification standards with customer

  • Agree content of digital Property Handover Packs

  • Agree contractor invoice payment terms and processing with customer’s finance team

  • Onboard council compliance team


  • Review commissioned property survey reports (EICR, EPC, CP12, FRA, Asbestos)

  • Record all meter readings and locations

  • Update all utility records

  • Change main entrance locks and install key safes

  • Carry out a digital survey – 3D virtual tour and measured floor plan

  • Carry out check-in video

  • Finalise Work Specification to meet customer's minimum standard and final contract sum

  • Kitchen design and ordering (as required)

  • Collate regulatory documentation to ensure approval to start works (e.g. freeholder consent)

  • Contractor induction and onboarding


  • Validate and appoint contractors

  • Project manage and coordinate programme of works with contractors

  • Track and approve variations and manage budgets and contingencies

  • Approve Practical Completion with contractor and document and close all snagging items

Digital Handover Packs
  • Check-out video survey

  • Electric socket tester video

  • Post-works digital survey - 3D virtual tour

  • EICR, EPC, CP12, FRA, Asbestos

  • Provide tagged keys on site

  • Closing meter reads

  • Digital copies of warranties and new appliance’s user guides

  • Manage 12-months defective works guarantee

  • 3-year inclusive repairs and maintenance (additional cost applies)


Admin and Finance
  • Real-time project delivery monitoring

  • Real time budget monitoring

  • Administration of contractor invoices collated into regular payment runs

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