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Cash Offers

Our buyers are institiutional investors and public sector bodies and are cash buyers.


Market Price

We will offer you a fair market value based on an independent RICS valuation.


Swift Transaction

We will work to your time scales. Usually, we purchase within 6 - 8 weeks.


No Agent Fees

No estate agents involved.

We do not charge you any fees to buy your property. 

We understand that being a landlord is getting more and more difficult in the UK. BTL mortgage rates are skyrocketing, tighter regulations require more capital investment into your properties and tax regulations are getting ever more stringent. The cost of living crisis is only compounding the problem of tenants being able to afford increases in rent. 

This means there are fewer BTL buyers in the market looking to acquire tenanted properties, leaving landlords with the only option to sell their property with vacant possession. This, in turn, means many families are being evicted and put at risk of being made homeless.

Courts are reporting that it can now take over 12 months to get a successful eviction, we can help avoid this costly and stressful situation. 

We work with institutional investors, public sector bodies and charities to buy housing and protect residents from homelessness. 


We will make you a cash offer to acquire your property at market value without the need to serve an eviction notice to your tenants.

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