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The Ultimate Property Portal for Businesses

Our technology simplifies the property acquisition, rental, renovation and asset management processes.

Our clients include
Public Sector Organisations and professional
Real Estate Investors who need to acquire housing at pace and at scale.

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“Working with Phi means we will have our own supply of temporarty accommodation and will be able to offer more stability while permanent housing is found. These homes will help families of various sizes by providing suitable accommodation to meet family needs."

Cllr Swithin Long

Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration

"SimplyFind has more than halved the time taken to search manually for suitable properties, we are able to filter and hone our searching, so not wasting valuable time wading through property details just to see if a property is viable.  The market analysis saves weeks of time on scoping or modelling new opportunities... we can adapt parameters to provide real time, real world evidence to support our proposals."

Michelle Cox 

Property Acquisition Manager

"Phi fulfilled their role in respect of sourcing the properties that BCP required... this helped us to house homeless people in our community. The portal is a very useful site... I was happy with the service provided and the staff were very approachable."

Andy Homer

Housing Development Officer

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